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Canada Has Second Largest Immigrant Population In Developed World -StatCan

Canada is behind only Australia in the relative size of its foreign born population, according to a new Statistics Canada report. Among the G8, Canada’s foreign born component, at 20.6 percent of the total population, is the largest. The statistics follow the trend in recent years of Australia followed by Canada having the highest per capita immigration rates in the […]

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Canada to Keep Immigration Level at 250,000 in 2013

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) announced today that it will keep immigration levels at 240,000-265,000 in 2013, for the seventh straight year. The maintenance of immigration numbers from previous years amidst a growing Canadian population means Canada will have a lower immigration rate as a percentage of its population, and rebuff calls by several prominent organizations to increase immigration levels […]

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Economist Tells Business Forum That Canada Faces Labour Shortage

In a talk that could nudge policy makers toward increasing immigration levels, Toronto economist and demographer David Foot told an audience of business executives, academics, diplomats and government leaders that Canada will face a severe labour shortage over the next two decades as millions of Canadians enter retirement. “Canada will have more old than young people and no amount of […]

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