A New Microloan Program For Immigrants Launched in Manitoba

HRSDC Minister Diane Finley at a press conference announcing the microloan pilot (HRSDCanada)

A new Manitoba pilot, launched on Friday, will offer low interest loans of up to $10,000 to recent immigrants who are enrolled in training and career development programs. Recipients will be given five years to repay the microloans, and can use the money for living expenses, educational fees, fees related to licensing, and tools, equipment and work clothes.

The Manitoba government is contributing $250,000, while Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), through its foreign credential recognition loans pilot, is providing $1.2 million for the initiative. The two year pilot, called Recognition Counts! Micro Loans for Skilled Immigrants, will be administered by Supporting Employment and Economic Development (SEED) Winnipeg, a non-profit agency with a mission to increase economic development in low-income communities.

The goal of the program is to help immigrants get the qualifications and licensing necessary to work in their vocation in Canada. One of the first program enrollees is Dr. Esam Beshay, a dentist from Egypt who will use the loan to complete the process for getting a license to practice dentistry in Canada.

The microloan program is similar to the Immigrant Access Fund, a program funded jointly by the provincial government of Saskatchewan and HRSDC’s foreign credential recognition loans pilot to provide microloans to recent immigrants for education and training programs.


  • Is this program also available for other provinces? Our local paper reported the story as a Canadian wide program – if so where do we get more info??

    • No, this program is Manitoba specific, but similar programs have been created, or are being created, in other provinces as part of HRSDC’s Foreign Credential Recognition Loans Pilot and CIC’s Foreign Credentials Referral Office. The only other provinces where programs like this are available are Alberta and Saskatchewan, through the Immigrant Access Fund: http://www.iafcanada.org/

  • Im permanent resident in usa.Im I eligible for that loan too!!!!
    Thank you sir

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