Canadian Government Proposes Limiting Student Visas to Attendees of Provincially Recognized Schools

International students in Vancouver, Canada. International students are estimated to contribute nearly $6 billion to the Canadian economy annually (CICS News)

In an effort to stop abuse of the International Student Program by those seeking to work illegally in Canada and stem the growth of a student-visa mill industry that harms the reputation of Canadian educational institutions, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) on Friday proposed to parliament new regulations that would limit student visas to enrollees of institutions recognized by provinces and territories.

In announcing the measures, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney extolled the benefits of international students for Canada and his department’s intention to maintain the high educational standards of Canadian post-secondary institutions.

“Attracting the best and brightest young minds from around the world is key to the continued success of Canada’s economy and long-term prosperity,” said Kenney.

“But there are too many stories of international students who pay a lot of money and leave their families back home to study in Canada, only to find out they have been misled. These changes will help us better protect international students and the reputation of Canada’s post-secondary education system by making sure that international students are coming to quality institutions that comply with basic standards of accountability.”

The proposed rules would require that a student visa holder’s primary intent in Canada is to study, and would grant CIC the authority to request evidence from study visa holders to prove they are complying with this condition and revoke their student visas if they fail to do so.

The proposed rules would enact recommendations of a 2011 review of the International Student Program.


  • And how would the CIC review specific cases? Would you now require detailed background checks on international students to prove that they’re not trying to scam the country into bringing their families over and living off of the system? How can you state that one case is X while the other is Y? Would my international friends be allowed to remain in Canada, as a program suggests is possible, working towards becoming a resident through their skill set? Or is that not allowed now?

    • Hi Tracey,

      We don’t represent CIC so we don’t know all of the details about the enforcement mechanisms. What CIC has said up to now is that they want to be able to check up on international students and ask them to produce evidence that they are studying while they are in Canada.

      International students can work as long as they receive a work permit.

      -CICS News Team

  • My session starts in first week of september . I would be having the offer letter in just a few days . How early can i apply for the visa ?
    Does applying too early is considered a negative point as i have no bussiness going that early ?

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