Can. Immigration Minister Proposes New Bill to Toughen Canadian Refugee Admittance

Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has proposed a new bill “Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act”, that would toughen rules for asylum seekers coming to Canada.

The new bill would reduce the time taken to assess a standard refugee application from 1000 to 45 days. This would reduce the incidence of immigration authorities being unsuccessful in deporting asylum seekers applying under false pretences, due to the long duration of their time in Canada.

As the National Post writes, the longer the application process for an asylum seeker to Canada is, the less likelihood there is they will be deported:

Reducing the time it takes federal officials to examine claims for asylum is critical. The longer an applicant gets to remain in Canada before a decision is made, the less likely bogus applicants are to be expelled. People who stay here three or more years waiting for their cases to be adjudicated put down roots. They establish homes, have children, develop friendships and forge connections in the community. Then, if their applications are rejected, they plead that it is unfair to expel such a well-established new Canadian.

The new bill would also make biometric readings for foreigners getting Canadian visas mandatory, and introduce more powers to deal with human smuggling.

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  • Canada is being destroyed by immigration, refugees and asylum seekers!!! Multiculturalism does not work. Canada was doing just fine until this was opened up. When you bring 30 different cultures and expect it to work out then you have to be living in a dream world. Take a look around Canada and you can’t even tell what country your in. Once a great country is now on the way of becoming a third world country and our politicians can’t grow a pair and say enough is enough!!! Our economy is in the toilet and all you want to do is bring in cheap labour making Canadian born scrambling for minimum wage jobs that you can’t survive on!!! Wait you politicians don’t have that problem do you?

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