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Immigration’s Crime-Reducing Effect Gets Media Attention

Study findings suggesting that immigration reduces crime have been picked up today by the online version of MacLean’s magazine, one of Canada’s largest weekly news magazines, in an article, Does immigration reduce crime? One study referenced, conducted by researchers Ronit Dinovitzer and Ron Levi at the University of Toronto, compared the rate of youth delinquency in a group of 900 […]

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Canadian Monthly Economic Growth Accelerates to 0.3% on Oil Output Increase

Canadian economic growth rose to 0.3 percent in April, from 0.1 percent in March, due mostly to an increase in oil and gas output and support activities for the industry, according to a report released by Statistics Canada today. The gross value of mining, oil and gas extraction increased 2.7 percent in April after maintenance-linked slowdowns in productions in February and March. […]

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